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Business Branding

If you think about the most popular brands in the world, you will likely be able the envision their image without much prompting. It’s difficult to see a red and yellow colour combination without instantly thinking about Mcdonald’s or a red and white cursive font without seeing Coca Cola. That’s the power of branding. Making your company identifiable and memorable will not only elevate your brand awareness but will also build a foundation of trust with your consumers, which will encourage them to repurchase and allow your sales to grow consistently.

Branding is not just about aesthetics. Numerous elements go into building a solid identity, including design, tone of voice, the nature of your content and your company ethos. The key to cementing your brand is remaining consistent across all channels, collectively creating a cohesive, logical and trustworthy company from the consumer’s perspective.

nu media group logo
nu media group logo

The nu Process

We employ a tried and true, five-phase approach to branding that allows us to communicate the exact image you want to portray to your customers.
Phase info

Phase 1 – information

The first phase is arguably the most important, as it allows us to get to know you, your company, your message and your goals. Without us determining your identity, we have no way of conveying your brand identity to your consumers. For this reason, we take time to talk to you, uncover your goals and discuss the direction you want to take. We will also use this opportunity to brainstorm ideas for colour palettes, design elements and image references, performing detailed competitor analysis to determine what will and won’t work for your company. Our branding experts will then collate this information for use in phase two.
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Phase 2 - Strategy

The second phase involves creating a logical strategy based on our findings in phase one. This planning considers various factors, such as the psychological impact you hope to develop through your colour palette and the impression you wish to generate through your tone of voice and design elements. We devise every aspect of the strategy to move you closer to your goals.
nu media group logo
nu media group logo
Phase area

Phase 3 - Brand

This phase is where you will start to see your brand come to life. You will work alongside your project manager to develop your brand’s identity, including your logo creation.

Phase 4 - Design

Here, we will start designing each aspect of your brand, creating a website mockup, social media post examples, icon sets, and printed materials to give an accurate depiction of what your brand will look like when released.
Business Branding in West Sussex
Business Branding in West Sussex

Phase 5 - Launch

Now it’s time to release your creation into the world. Watch your business transform and blossom into a whole new identity, developing a clear image that reflects who you are.

Our Projects

Properly executed branding can be a game-changer for your brand perception, visibility and growth. Specialising in startups and those in need of a rebrand, we work closely alongside our clients to bring their visions to life, transforming ideas into a distinctive, effective identity for your business.