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Website Design

Websites are an essential part of your business in today’s modern marketing world. Our approach to web design prioritises strategy above anything else. We design each interface to increase your conversion rate and showcase your business in the best light. Our strategy revolves around user experience, which will play a significant role in persuading website visitors to trust your company.
With each project we undertake, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure we produce the best results and recreate their website vision. You are welcome to offer as much input as you wish into the design process, whether you have a specific concept in mind or you’d like more guidance and advice.

The Web Design Process

Bespoke Website Development In Chichester By nu media group


The discovery stage is the first step in building your new website. We will take time to research your business, collaborating closely with you to uncover not only what you want, but also what your customers want. We will identify your branding during this process, which is crucial for maintaining a professional image and making your company memorable. Aesthetic branding includes such elements as colour schemes and typefaces, which need to represent your brand accurately and create a positive psychological response in your audience. The other side of branding involves your tone of voice and company ethos, which we will also establish to ensure you give a consistent impression across your website.

We can also discuss other design elements such as images, videos and web illustrations, all of which can be incredible at creating an engaging user experience.


This stage involves building your website based on everything we found out in the discovery phase. We will give you access to early prototypes and a mock-up of your site, which will show our design framework. At this point, you are welcome to offer feedback and request changes. It’s important to note that the site is still a work in progress at this stage and may not allow full functionality.

Eliminators Website Development in West Sussex by nu media group
Ecommerce Website Design & Development By nu media group


This phase is all about creating your website, filling it with content, and incorporating functional features. You will start to get an understanding of how your website will work and the user experience. If your package includes photography and videography services, this is where you can showcase how our in-house creative team has captured your company according to your vision. We will add products to your eCommerce website and write the copy for your website pages.

Website Cpanel updatein West Sussex by nu media group


We perform a thorough quality checking process before launching the site, involving proofreading, link-checking and making sure the website is responsive on mobile and tablet devices, which is critical in this day and age. We will also optimise your site for search engines at this stage. If you’re hoping to update your site’s content yourself in the future, we can provide thorough CMS training. 

Website Cpanel updatein West Sussex by nu media group

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Hub Support


For your website to appear online, you will need a hosting package. Our security services shield your site against hacking, theft, leakage and data loss. Should hackers manage to overcome our security systems, our diagnostic and repair team will have your site up and running again in no time.