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Is Your Business in Desperate Need of a Rebrand?

is your business in need of a rebrand

Is Your Business in Desperate Need of a Rebrand?

Rebranding… Seems a bit intimidating, right?It doesn’t have to be. You might have noticed the shiny new nu media group website, which is just one of the elements of our company we have changed as part of our recent rebranding efforts. Following our exciting move to an amazing new office, we thought our entire brand was due a makeover to mark a new era of our agency. This has been a huge, collaborative team effort involving plenty of planning, strategy and design. There’s a misconception that branding is all about aesthetics. While this is certainly a big part of it, a lot of other elements go into building a brand. We have had to consider all of these, which include logo design, colour theme, typography, tone of voice, social media presence and brand positioning, to name a few. Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?So, how do you know when your company needs to rebrand? There are many reasons you may consider reevaluating certain aspects of your business. We’ve compiled a handy list of a select few instances that may (or may not) call for a rebrand. 

Your Product/Service Range is Expanding or Growing

Attempting to break into a new market?

You might find it tricky to do so if your brand itself is stuck in the past.

Upgrading your branding, either partially or fully, could introduce you to a whole new audience by earning a fair bit of attention. You’re likely to rope in a whole new clientele by tailoring your branding to suit your target audience. After all, people want different things. You need to consider the psychology of branding to win over your new intended demographic.

It's Broke, So Fix It

Things not going to plan is an inevitable part of running a business.

Sometimes, the vision you originally had for your brand might not pan out. It might not be enticing the right audience, or perhaps it seems too generic. Alternatively, you may have neglected some essential marketing techniques and are suffering as a result. It’s not uncommon for businesses to overlook things like SEO, web design and social media engagement. 

Sound familiar? It’s never too late to fix it. 

Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to completely transform your brand to make a difference. Start by analysing your goals and figuring out a comprehensive plan of how you’re going to achieve them. Rethink the aspects of your business that aren’t working and give them a quick makeover. 

You're Not Standing Out

Chances are, there will be a fair few other companies in your industry targeting the same audience you are. It’s reasonable to assume that some of them are implementing similar branding and marketing strategies.

You never want to be in a situation where people are mixing up your company with someone else’s. Do some research on how you can make your branding better than your competition and make a bold statement when you release it to the world.

After all, your business is unique. It deserves to be recognised as such.

Let Us Do The Hard Work For You

Not sure how to actually go about the rebranding process? No worries. 

The team at nu media group is highly seasoned in the art of branding. We are always thrilled at the prospect of working with new businesses and helping them thrive in the digital space. Email us at today to set up a consultation, where we can start to devise a plan for your success. 

Got more questions? Keep a keen eye on our blog over the coming weeks to read more of our expert branding tips and tricks. In the meantime, feel free to browse through our brand new site to your heart’s content.