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Expert Page Speed Consultants.

After months of careful consideration and strategic planning, you have created a website to bring your business online. Through intense discussions, crucial decisions, and significant investments, you have put in tremendous effort, resulting in a website that is now ready to be launched. The logo has been finalised, and the design is clean and visually appealing. The images are captivating, and the content is concise and highly relevant.

Before launching your website, it is important to conduct a test run to ensure optimal performance. Is your website loading at the desired speed? Don’t worry, our team of experts at nu media group can swiftly resolve this issue for you.

What Is Page Speed Optimisation?

Page Speed refers to the time it takes for content or media to load on a web page. It measures how long it takes for media content to be downloaded from the hosting server and displayed on the web browser. Page load time is the time between clicking a link and the content being displayed on the web browser.

Remember to consider the importance of page speed for your website. It significantly impacts the overall user experience and is crucial for optimisation. Unlike other web designers, developers, or businesses, nu media group prioritises maximising customer experience to drive growth and increase sales.

Site Speed
Can Affect Conversion Rate

Factors Impacting
Page Speed

Server Performance:The speed and efficiency of the web hosting server are crucial factors. A sluggish or overwhelmed server can significantly delay loading web pages.

File Size and Compression: Don’t let large files hold your page back. Images, videos, and scripts can cause slow loading times. But with file optimisation, you can reduce their size and supercharge your website. Improve user experience and increase page speed today.

Image Optimisation: Want faster-loading pages? Keep unoptimised images from slowing you down. You can optimise them by compressing them and using the correct formats like JPEG, PNG, or WebP. This is a simple fix that can make a very big difference.

Browser Caching: Caching turbocharges your browsing experience by saving a local copy of web pages and minimising server requests. Implementing effective caching strategies can significantly boost page load times for repeat visitors.

Page Speed Optimisation And SEO

Did you know that speed is a crucial factor in selling online? It’s true! Let us show you why. Google’s algorithm greatly values Page Speed. In fact, they recommend a page load time of just three seconds. If you are wanting your website to rank on the first page of Google, you’ll need to outperform ten other organic results in terms of page speed.

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