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CNM Scaffolding

CNM Scaffolding are specialists in both domestic and commercial services, whether it be a temporary roof repair, or a commercial building project.  We worked on a bespoke website for them as well as created their logo, worked on their social media marketing and SEO.  They are a long standing client of ours and they are now on their third website build with us. We are continuing to work on their SEO, social media, videography and branding tools like leaflets and business cards. 

Logo Design

When CNM Scaffolding came to us they had no idea where to start. We built them a business from scratch and did everything for them, including logo design. We wanted to create a bespoke logo for them that would stand out and choose a colour that is very unique and memorable. We designed a logo and they have used it throughout all thier branding. 

cnm logo
Mobile Design
Mobile optimisation is essential for a good user experience. When a website goes live we ensure optimisation for all devices including various mobile models like Android and Apple as well as tablet sizes. In this generation, majority of websites are viewed on these devices so it is essential that the site is designed specifically for them and that they are correctly optimised so the user has the best experience on your site.