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Your Complete Guide to Non-Visual Rebranding From a Branding Agency in Sussex

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Your Complete Guide to Non-Visual Rebranding From a Branding Agency in Sussex

A lot of people tend to think branding is only about aesthetics. 

A lot of people are wrong.

While there’s much to be said in favour of visual branding (most of which you can find in last week’s blog), it’s not all that makes a company stand out.

Take it from an experienced branding agency in Sussex – before you start thinking about any of the fun, creative elements of your branding, there are several integral things you need to consider.

Unique Selling Point

Not many businesses will get very far without a clearly defined USP driving every aspect of their branding.

There are most likely thousands of businesses in your industry selling very similar products and services to you. Realistically, how do you really expect yours to stand out amongst the sea of competition?

That’s where your USP comes in.

You need to think very carefully about this, as it is what your entire rebranding strategy will revolve around.

Your USP should be a benefit unique to your company, something that encourages people to invest in you over someone else.

Write a short statement that sums up your USP in a compelling, creative way. From this, you can move on to other aspects of your branding, positioning your USP at the forefront wherever possible.

Brand Values

Alongside your USP, your brand values should be the driving force behind everything your company does. 

Brand values are really no different to personal values. They are the beliefs that motivate you to uphold your standards. Your values, mission and vision work together to build a solid business foundation and ultimately help you succeed. After all, how can you measure your success if you have no standards to meet?

Having strong, unique brand values will help you maintain a loyal following, attract new customers and gain an advantage over your competition. 


Once you’ve established your USP and brand values, you can tailor your content to showcase your brand personality.

When creating content, don’t forget to consider your target audience. At the end of the day, your goal is to get them to invest in your services or products, which means you need to make sure they respond positively to what you’re putting out. Different demographics will appreciate different branding strategies.

If you’re aiming to appeal to a younger audience, maybe throw in a few topical memes and pop culture references. Most of what works on social media nowadays revolves around current trends, so make sure to consume enough content to understand how to capitalise on all the latest crazes.

On a similar note, it’s worth researching which social media outlets your target audience uses most frequently. You’ll likely find younger demographics prevalent on newer platforms like TikTok, while older generations are typically more active on Facebook.

Tone of Voice

This is definitely one of the more commonly overlooked elements of branding. 

Now more than ever, people want brands to have a personality. It’s not enough to spew out information and hope for the best; your audience wants to get to know your brand and understand what they’re dealing with to build a foundation of trust and form a relationship with the company itself. 

Your tone of voice is going to play a HUGE role in this. 

Think about it – the advertisements for McDonald’s don’t sound the same as those for Rolls Royce. Every brand has its own feel, designed to showcase its values and USP and cater to its target audience. 

To determine how your brand should sound, consider how you want to be perceived. Think about how your target audience will respond to various messaging tactics. From there, you can start to form a strategy that evokes the best reaction.

Make it Easy For Yourself

If this all sounds like a lot, we’re here for you.

We’ve been doing this for a fair few years and have helped countless brands form strong identities that resonate with their audiences. 

For a sustainable, effective branding strategy that actually works, get in touch with us via this form and set up a consultation. 

You deserve results. Let us help you get them.