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How To Get More Revenues With Business Videos?

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Businesses targeting to highlight their products and services through videos are getting more visibility. Videos are engaging and exciting. So, eventually, people love seeing videos rather than reading pages of write-ups about the products and services of the company. Keeping up to date with all the trends, more than 70% of businesses nowadays use business video services as a major marketing tool.

Research shows that, on average, consumers spend 8 to 9 hours of the day watching videos and reels. So, targeting customers through business videos is an easy and feasible option. Make sure you approach professionals for business video services in Crossbrush. They will present your brand story in an integrated manner through the business videos.

Here’s how you can use business videos and accelerate the revenues of your business.



How do business videos help in increasing revenues?


1. Share your brand story

Who are you? What is your business about? People need to know your story to buy from you. With business videos, your target should be to share the brand story, USP and product/service story with the customers. More than 50% of customers either buy or share the brand story video with others. So, your revenue and social awareness are both increasing.


2. Increase social awareness

Customers make quick purchasing decisions when they trust the brand. More than 80% of the customers will likely buy from the brands they follow on social media. With interactive and informative business videos, the business should aim to increase social awareness. You will surely get enough revenue if your business video is trending online.


3. Businesses videos bring SEO ranks

As per 2023 data, there are currently more than 2.70 billion active users on YouTube. By optimising your business videos and putting them on YouTube, you can get good ranks for your business and services. Google has a separate video section with YouTube videos, which will rank as per the keywords the target audience uses to search the same.


4. Get a sales boost with business videos

Creating a video might seem costly, but the conversion rates are higher than any other form of marketing strategy. Along with social media channels, you can also post a product guiding video on your business’s landing page. Try to make videos with interesting statements and content. Once the same goes viral, no one can stop you from getting leads and conversions.


5. Attract mobile users as leads

Since more than 90% of the global population is glued to their smartphones throughout the day, videos are the most feasible option to get the attention of this segment of people. While scrolling through the reels or YouTube videos, when the business video pops up, there’s no way they can ignore it. So you’ll get a huge number of customers in your pocket within minutes.