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Things To Keep In Mind During Bespoke Website Development

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With the help of bespoke website development, businesses are looking forward to creating a strong online presence. However, if you’ve opted for a custom website, it should differ from the readymade website solutions. Good custom websites target making designs and development that keep the visitors in mind first. Offering an unparalleled user experience takes a front seat during the bespoke website development.


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What things should you keep in mind during custom website development?

Increase the speed of the website

How long would you linger on the website till the time it loads completely? Users get frustrated very fast. So, while creating bespoke websites, ask the developer to optimise the speed of the page. Slow speed on the website interrupts the user experience. Hence, ask the developers to fix the same when you’re getting a custom website developed.

Skip numbers, hyphens and keep address borders

If the domain names have numbers, remembering the same gets difficult. To help users remember the domain name, during the custom website development, ask the developer to skip including numbers and hyphens in the domain name. Also, you must adhere to choosing .com in the domain name instead of other extensions.

Keep the website mobile-friendly

A mobile responsive website is a major requirement for users. In contrast to laptops, thousands of people prefer using mobiles every day. Hence, you must ask the developer to develop mobile-friendly websites during the custom development. Once the customers can navigate from one button to the other without any issues, you can expect more and more conversations for your business.

Include a bespoke call to action

Unlike traditional website development and design, you can easily ask the developer to add a call to action button in a bespoke website. This simple button can help to convert visitors into leads. However, instead of adding it to the same part of the website, in a bespoke website, you can add it wherever you require it.

Add personal uniqueness to the website

Add a personal touch since you are getting a bespoke website developed for your business. Use your brand’s images, mission, vision and goals to deliver high-quality customer perception about your business. You can also add client testimonials, a company tour, and videos showing your services and product to allure visitors and convert them to leads.

Keep simple website navigation

If you don’t want visitors to navigate away from the website, keep the website navigation simple. Custom web developers focus on developing a descriptive design and a simple user experience. It would be best if you avoided the broken links and empty pages to make the website feasible.


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