An Overview Of the 3 Top Types of Website Designs for Your Business

An Overview Of the 3 Top Types of Website Designs for Your Business

Today’s digital age demands that your business has an excellent online presence. Since a large share of the customers for every business view and purchase products and services online, it is imperative to have an appealing digital presence. Now, the easiest way to do that is to develop a website design in Surrey for your business. Here are the top 3 types of design ideas that you use for your website: 

Less is more 

Long gone are the days when you would embellish your site with unnecessary details. The customers of today are looking for clean, crisp, no-nonsense websites with faster loading times. Hence, minimalist website design is perfect for your business.  

This flat design approach uses simple colours and fonts, improving the ease of navigation. Thanks to the necessary streamlining of information, there are no distractions. Hence, the customer can concentrate on your products and services without any hindrance. 

Make it creative 

If you want to appeal to the creative side of your clients, the illustrative website design idea is suitable for you. It is a versatile tool with a lot of potentials. As the name suggests, the illustrative approach makes use of audio-visual tools like cartoons, doodles, and illustrations to capture the attention of the audience. 

Funky icons pop of colour, and animations can go a long way in making an illustrative website design in Surrey successful. It makes a site look creative.  It looks visually attractive and makes the customer want to explore your website. 

Use impressive typography 

Another simple yet effective technique is to employ typography to make your website look impressive. To impress the client as soon as he or she opens your website, exciting typography is a must-have. It tells a lot about your brand image in a matter of a few seconds. This approach can be applied to: 

  • The overall content of the page
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Brand logo  

This design idea is incredibly lucrative since we have a wide range of font options to play with. This can significantly improve our typography throughout the website, creating an excellent first impression on prospective clients. Cross-platform compatibility for your site can take care of the high load time glitch caused by high-quality fonts. 

Therefore, you can choose anyone tried and tested website design in Surrey to cement your business’ digital foothold. Nu Media Hub provides expert assistance in developing creative and unique strategies for your website at competitive prices.