Heka Coaching

fitness coaching marketing in Chichester

Heka Coaching is a personal training website. We built his site and also worked on some video content to help enhance the user experience.

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Loft Life

loft conversion marketing in West Sussex

Loft Life is a long-standing client for us, and we love working with them. They are a specialist London loft conversion company serving all areas in and around central London.

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Why Upgrading Your Website is Crucial for Business Growth

Upgrading Your Website

In today’s digital age, your website is often the first point of contact between you and your potential clients. Whether you’re a business owner or a dentist, having an up-to-date, functional, and engaging website is paramount. Not only does it significantly impact user experience, but it also drives business growth by improving your online visibility, credibility, and conversion rates. nu media group is here to explain why upgrading your website is crucial for Business Growth. 

Improved User Experience

A website that is slow to load, difficult to navigate, or filled with broken links can frustrate visitors, driving them away from your business. A modern website ensures smooth navigation, quick load times, and an intuitive user interface, making it easier for visitors to find information and complete actions, such as making a purchase or contacting you.

Mobile Responsiveness

With the majority of internet users accessing websites via mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly site is no longer optional. A modern website that adapts seamlessly to smartphones and tablets enhances the user experience and increases the likelihood of retaining potential customers.

Enhanced SEO Performance

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is critical for your online visibility. Modern websites are designed with the latest SEO best practices in mind, including faster load speeds, mobile optimisation, and proper use of meta tags. Upgrading your website can improve your search engine rankings, making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Security Enhancements

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for all businesses. Outdated websites are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which can compromise customer data and damage your business’s reputation. Upgrading your website allows you to implement the latest security measures, protecting both your business and your customers.

Reflecting Professionalism and Trust

Your website often gives potential customers the first impression of your business. An outdated, poorly designed site can convey a lack of professionalism and deter customers. Conversely, a sleek, modern website reflects your commitment to quality and builds trust with potential customers.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

In any industry, staying ahead of the competition is essential. Many of your competitors are likely investing in their online presence. Upgrading your website ensures you remain competitive and can attract more customers by offering a superior online experience.

Ready to Elevate Your Online Presence?

Upgrading your website is a strategic investment in your business’s future. By keeping your website current, you can attract and retain more customers, ultimately driving the success of your business. 

Keep an outdated website from holding your business back. At nu media group, we specialise in creating modern, responsive, and SEO-optimised websites tailored to your unique needs. Whether you want to enhance user experience, boost your search engine rankings, or ensure robust security, our expert team is here to help. Contact nu media group today to discuss how we can transform your website and drive your business’s success. Let’s build something great together! Reach out to us now and take the first step towards a brighter digital future

What are the Common SEO-Friendly Web Design Practices?

web design in Brighton

Every organisation aims to create a visually appealing website. If the website has enticing elements, it is likely to garner visitors’ attention. Also, there will be an increasing amount of traffic to your website. Nowadays, companies integrate SEO with web design practices for the desired outcomes.

Contact the professionals offering web design in Brighton to attract more potential customers to your website.


How to Design an SEO-Friendly Website?


Here’s the list of common practices to create an SEO-friendly website that ranks:


  • Make navigation easy: Potential buyers can learn more about your products and services by visiting your website. Website visitors prefer a platform that allows them to access information easily. Transitions from one page to the next should be simple, natural, and smooth. You can make the navigation easier by including a site map on the home page. It will help visitors to access relevant information easily.


  • Select an SEO-friendly domain: The domain name should represent industry perceptions and the searches the target audience makes about your offerings. For instance, if your website concerns IT services, use a domain name that reflects these solutions. This way, your target audience can identify with your online brand, making your website appear more trustworthy.


  • Focus on the website loading speed: The loading speed of a website is an important aspect of any SEO strategy. The speed depends on the type of information available on the site and the web design features. A light website loads quickly, providing a good user experience.


  • Mobile responsive: Users access websites using various devices. They range from smartphones to laptops and desktop computers. Hence, your website must support various operating systems and programming languages. It must also be accessible from different gadgets while maintaining the integrity of the information. Nowadays, most users access websites on their smartphones, so it is vital to design a mobile-friendly website.


  • Include fresh content: Search engines always prioritise fresh content. They can identify old blogs and articles and rank them low. Moreover, your target audience searches for new insights whenever they access your site. Hence, it’s advisable to create fresh and captivating content that provides helpful information to visitors.


Why Should Your Website Be SEO-Friendly?


You must create a website that is SEO-friendly because of the following reasons:


  • Boost customer experience: SEO strategies improve customer experience. A positive customer experience is necessary to ensure customer loyalty. Your website ranking will improve if search engines detect visitors spending more time on your site.
  • Enhance engagement: Integrating SEO with web design can increase engagement. These engagements will result in brand exposure and higher sales. According to professionals offering web design in Brighton, your ranking will also improve, allowing you to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Bring the desired ROI: SEO-related activities and online presence deliver the desired ROI. When you spend significant money on your digital presence, you can expect more engagement and higher ranking.

Are you looking for a company that specialises in creating SEO-friendly websites? If so, contact Nu Media Group today.

How Bespoke Website Development Takes Place? A Brief Guide

Bespoke Website Development West Sussex

Are you looking for a website that perfectly matches your company’s vision and services? A tailor-made website can be the solution to all your problems. With a customized website, a business can display the specific type of content it wants its target customers to see. Therefore, a bespoke website provides a flexible option for businesses.

Contact professional developers if you plan to get bespoke website development in West Sussex. Here’s a brief guide on the process of customised website development.


Step-by-step guide on bespoke website development



When it comes to custom website development, the first step is to discuss your website’s design with your web developer and designer. This includes the brand logo, color scheme, and font style that you want your website to have. It’s essential to have a clear idea of your website’s aesthetic before beginning the development process.

If your brand has a social media presence, it’s crucial to plan the custom website in a way that aligns with your online promotion strategy. The custom website can be tailored to your preferences, and you can modify it at any time.


Responsive design

If you are searching for a business using your mobile phone, it is important to have a website that is designed to work well on all devices. Having a responsive website design can be achieved through bespoke website development, ensuring that your website runs smoothly on all platforms.


Content creation

The team responsible for web development will create a website that is tailored to your business needs. The website will have a well-organised sitemap, genuine images, and content that is search engine optimised. If you want to showcase your brand’s identity to your target audience, then it’s important to create custom content that reflects your company’s work on the website.


Website testing

Once the custom website development is completed, the web developer will initiate testing. During this process, they will identify and fix any issues that may arise when the site goes live. They will also check its visibility and smoothness across different platforms to ensure its optimal functionality, before the final implementation. If you happen to find any issues during the testing phase, you can reach out to the developers and designers to request the necessary changes to the website.


Live hosting

The web developers will help you purchase a domain and a host for your website. They will recommend a hosting package based on your budget. For example, they will suggest low-cost live hosting packages for small and start-up businesses, while for long-term and established businesses, better hosting packages are available.


Ongoing support

With custom web development, you can get ongoing support for your website from the experts. If there are issues after the website is live, contact the professionals for support and get it fixed.

You can also get the flexibility of making changes to the website even after it is live.

Contact nu media group for bespoke website development. We have a team of web developers who can help you with the type of business website you’re looking for. Speak to our web developers for custom website development.

Different Types of Brand Videos That A Business Can Use

members of staff behind the scenes filming

When the brands can communicate who they are, they get more leads converted into customers instantly. What is your business all about? What does your brand do? Why should people purchase your product or avail of your service?

Brand videos can help your business communicate its mission, vision, and brand value to its target customers. For this, you need help from professional business video services. Brand videos are made in a diverse array of styles. The aim of a brand video is to educate the target customers about the business’s mission, vision, and brand value.

Contact professionals for business video services in Crossbush and get a unique brand video for your business. This will boost your business readily.


What are the different types of brand videos?

Brand anthem videos

This video is a simple yet creative declaration of what your business brand is all about. What is your business about? Why do you exist? What do you stand for? A simple 2-minute video speaks volumes about your brand and attracts the attention of the target customers. The purpose is to make your brand memorable and strengthen the bond with the existing customer base.


Corporate culture videos

This short video aims to highlight the current corporate environment, work values, ethics, and fun activities within a business. It is mainly made to attract more fresh talent into the business.


Product/ service videos

Whether you have a product or a service, an effective way of selling is through creative and informative product or service videos. Including product/service videos on your website increases the number of visitors to your web page. These videos are more than 3 minutes long and generally include a short detail and the features of the product/service.


Social media brand videos

Customised according to the needs of the social media platforms, these videos are highly creative, very short and focused. They are posted to improve the number of followers on social media websites. With engaging social media videos, your business can increase brand visibility.


Customer feedback videos

Word-of-mouth marketing is a feasible way to boost a product or service’s sales. When fresh leads listen to happy customer reviews, they are provoked to make a purchase. Customer testimonial videos are eye-openers and add value to the business’s website. Hearing rather than reading has more power, so customer feedback videos are an integral part of every business website.


Business FAQ videos

Addressing customers’ common and probable questions is a way to keep them visiting again for second and third purchases. Business FAQ videos help make this possible. They are generally posted on the home page and are part of an effective customer management strategy.


Contact nu media group for professional business video services and to make your digital marketing a success. We have professional videographers who can help you with this. Contact us for more details.

Optimising Dental Practice Experience with Interactive Waiting Rooms

Interactive Waiting Room

In dental healthcare, the waiting room is often an underutilised space that holds significant potential for patient interaction and practice growth. Dental practices that transform their waiting rooms from mundane spaces to interactive hubs not only provide a more enjoyable experience for their patients but also set themselves apart as innovators in their field.

The Waiting Room Reinvented

It’s a common scenario: A patient walks into a dentist’s office, checks in, and then sits in a chair, thumbing through a magazine. But it doesn’t have to be that way. An interactive waiting room is more than just a modern touch. It’s a strategic move to create a holistic patient experience and improve several aspects of dental practice management. With the help of technology, waiting rooms can be transformed into an interactive hub that engages, inform, and entertain patients.

The Power of Interaction

Interactive waiting rooms use a variety of digital and physical features to engage patients actively. These features may include interactive displays, touch screens, educational videos, games, and more. The concept of interaction goes beyond keeping patients occupied; it aims to educate, relax, and even excite them about their dental health. Dental practices can build trust and foster better communication with patients by giving patients a voice and allowing them to participate in their own care.

Benefits for Both Patient and Practice

Interactive waiting rooms make the often-anxious wait a part of the treatment experience for patients. Educational content can help patients understand their procedures. Games and other distractions can reduce stress and the perception of wait time. For dental practices, these rooms provide an opportunity to market new services, gather patient feedback, and improve efficiency.

Benefits for Both Patient and Practice

But wait, there’s more! With digital waiting room displays, you can showcase your latest products, offers, and bundles visually appealingly. This opportunity to increase the customers’ exposure to your products can improve sales and weave marketing into the time traditionally spent by patients. By raising awareness of your services, patients can be more open to considering additional treatments or procedures during their visit. This can also help increase revenue for the dental practice.

Transforming the Patient Journey with the help of nu media group

The waiting room may be the first physical touchpoint your patients have with your practice, and it sets the tone for the rest of their visit. An interactive waiting room can humanise the clinical environment, show patients their experience is a priority, and effectively communicate your practice’s values and services. Equally, it provides a great upselling opportunity. Showcase additional services you require, whether it’s tooth whitening, Invisalign or composite bonding. This is the place to show your services. You’re not only modernising your approach to care but also potentially boosting your practice’s financial performance.

Contact nu media group today to see how our team can help your dental practice become the best it can be. We offer various services, from digital display installations to social media management, all tailored to meet your specific needs. Let us help you transform the patient journey and take your practice to the next level! So don’t wait any longer. Contact nu media group today for a consultation and start revolutionising your waiting room experience.