How To Keep Your Website Running Smoothly: The Maintenance Checklist

After launching the website, the client naturally cuts off all relations with the website. Continuous maintenance is necessary to keep the website running in the ever-evolving digital world. If your website was developed on WordPress, then regular maintenance is essential. Maintenance helps to maintain the security of the website as well. Also, ensure you hire a professional website designer in Billingshurst for proper web design. Here are a few small points of consideration that you should keep in mind to ensure the website runs smoothly.

Essential checklist to ensure your website is running smoothly

Take backups regularly

What if some problem occurs during the website maintenance process? You must ensure regular backups are taken so that your website has all the necessary data. Do not rely on automatic backups. If something goes wrong with the server, you can save your website with the help of the backups that you’ve taken.

Update the themes and plugins

To ensure that your WordPress website is running smoothly, make sure that you keep updating the themes and the plugins as well. Updating plugins is essential for maintaining the website’s security, performance and functionality. Updating means installation of the latest versions to keep the website running smoothly. Similarly, with the themes, continuous updating is essential.

Check and optimise website speed

Is your website taking forever to load? This is a major turnoff for the visitors and the users. If you want the website to function smoothly, optimise the images, reduce the pressure on the website, and readily enhance the website’s speed. When the website loads quickly, it improves the user experience.

Monitor the analytics of the website

With the help of Google Analytics, the business owner will get valuable insights into the website’s traffic. You can also check the user behaviour, demographic information, bounce-back rates, and conversion rates with the analytics you install on the website. If the analytics are present, you can also find the potential website issues and the sudden changes in the website’s traffic levels from the same.

Make sure uptime monitoring is done

A website needs to be responsive. How do we ensure the same? Engage in the uptime monitoring process. This helps to track and assess the availability and responsiveness of the website. You can use automated tools to check the website’s status. Having uptime monitoring helps to keep the user alert all the time about the issues that are occurring on the site.

Keep testing the contact forms

Last but not least, make sure that you keep on testing the contact forms from time to time so that you are aware of the proper functionalities of the website. Make it a ritual to test the contact forms at least once a month.


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Things To Keep In Mind During Bespoke Website Development

web development

With the help of bespoke website development, businesses are looking forward to creating a strong online presence. However, if you’ve opted for a custom website, it should differ from the readymade website solutions. Good custom websites target making designs and development that keep the visitors in mind first. Offering an unparalleled user experience takes a front seat during the bespoke website development.


With intense competition in today’s online business world, delivering a unique user experience is essential. Make sure you visit a renowned company for bespoke website development in Chichester.

What things should you keep in mind during custom website development?

Increase the speed of the website

How long would you linger on the website till the time it loads completely? Users get frustrated very fast. So, while creating bespoke websites, ask the developer to optimise the speed of the page. Slow speed on the website interrupts the user experience. Hence, ask the developers to fix the same when you’re getting a custom website developed.

Skip numbers, hyphens and keep address borders

If the domain names have numbers, remembering the same gets difficult. To help users remember the domain name, during the custom website development, ask the developer to skip including numbers and hyphens in the domain name. Also, you must adhere to choosing .com in the domain name instead of other extensions.

Keep the website mobile-friendly

A mobile responsive website is a major requirement for users. In contrast to laptops, thousands of people prefer using mobiles every day. Hence, you must ask the developer to develop mobile-friendly websites during the custom development. Once the customers can navigate from one button to the other without any issues, you can expect more and more conversations for your business.

Include a bespoke call to action

Unlike traditional website development and design, you can easily ask the developer to add a call to action button in a bespoke website. This simple button can help to convert visitors into leads. However, instead of adding it to the same part of the website, in a bespoke website, you can add it wherever you require it.

Add personal uniqueness to the website

Add a personal touch since you are getting a bespoke website developed for your business. Use your brand’s images, mission, vision and goals to deliver high-quality customer perception about your business. You can also add client testimonials, a company tour, and videos showing your services and product to allure visitors and convert them to leads.

Keep simple website navigation

If you don’t want visitors to navigate away from the website, keep the website navigation simple. Custom web developers focus on developing a descriptive design and a simple user experience. It would be best if you avoided the broken links and empty pages to make the website feasible.


Contact nu media group, a digital marketing creative agency with experienced web developers for bespoke website development in Chichester. We adopt a bespoke and tailored approach for every website.


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How To Get More Revenues With Business Videos?

members of staff behind the scenes filming

Businesses targeting to highlight their products and services through videos are getting more visibility. Videos are engaging and exciting. So, eventually, people love seeing videos rather than reading pages of write-ups about the products and services of the company. Keeping up to date with all the trends, more than 70% of businesses nowadays use business video services as a major marketing tool.

Research shows that, on average, consumers spend 8 to 9 hours of the day watching videos and reels. So, targeting customers through business videos is an easy and feasible option. Make sure you approach professionals for business video services in Crossbrush. They will present your brand story in an integrated manner through the business videos.

Here’s how you can use business videos and accelerate the revenues of your business.



How do business videos help in increasing revenues?


1. Share your brand story

Who are you? What is your business about? People need to know your story to buy from you. With business videos, your target should be to share the brand story, USP and product/service story with the customers. More than 50% of customers either buy or share the brand story video with others. So, your revenue and social awareness are both increasing.


2. Increase social awareness

Customers make quick purchasing decisions when they trust the brand. More than 80% of the customers will likely buy from the brands they follow on social media. With interactive and informative business videos, the business should aim to increase social awareness. You will surely get enough revenue if your business video is trending online.


3. Businesses videos bring SEO ranks

As per 2023 data, there are currently more than 2.70 billion active users on YouTube. By optimising your business videos and putting them on YouTube, you can get good ranks for your business and services. Google has a separate video section with YouTube videos, which will rank as per the keywords the target audience uses to search the same.


4. Get a sales boost with business videos

Creating a video might seem costly, but the conversion rates are higher than any other form of marketing strategy. Along with social media channels, you can also post a product guiding video on your business’s landing page. Try to make videos with interesting statements and content. Once the same goes viral, no one can stop you from getting leads and conversions.


5. Attract mobile users as leads

Since more than 90% of the global population is glued to their smartphones throughout the day, videos are the most feasible option to get the attention of this segment of people. While scrolling through the reels or YouTube videos, when the business video pops up, there’s no way they can ignore it. So you’ll get a huge number of customers in your pocket within minutes.

What Are The Advantages Of Bespoke Website Development?

The nu media group office in West Sussex provides web design and digital marketing services.

What Are The Advantages Of Bespoke Website Development?

With online businesses growing fast, the need for a flexible and scalable website is also increasing. Millions of customers are restoring to the online buy and sell process. Hence the website is like a mirror of the company. Maintaining and developing a user-friendly website has become a major necessity for all businesses. Considering this situation, the need for bespoke websites has increased lately.

Why do you need a bespoke website? The answer is simple. A bespoke website gives you the option of retaining 100% control of the website’s design and needs and changing it as per the value of goals of the organisation for bespoke website development in Littlehampton.

Five Benefits Of Bespoke Website Development


Unique For Business

Businesses nowadays prefer having bespoke websites as they can customise the designs, templates, and content according to their business needs. Every business has a pre-set goal depending on how the initial website is designed. What if your vision changes? You need to convey the same to your target audience through your website. For a traditional website, this is not possible. However, the development team can change the design to fit your requirements if you have a bespoke website.

SEO And Social Media Services

If you want your website to rank at the top on every search engine, then you need to optimise the content as per the SEO needs, for this bespoke website is the most prominent option. Along with the functionality, all the features are retained. A bespoke website is generally more SEO friendly compared to a normal-themed website.

Economic Option

If you opt for customised website development, you won’t waste any money. Developers will build your website the way you instruct them. You can fix a budget and share the same with the developers to get all types of tailored functions and designs that will fit your needs. Furthermore, website development generally does not charge any hidden costs for bespoke website development.

Flexibility For Changes

The major purpose of a bespoke website is to fulfil the needs of the business. When you get a customised website, you can make any change anytime you want. Do you want to add a new tab? Do you want to change the design? Do you want to make the design more functional? All of these are possible if you opt for a bespoke website.

High Security

Bespoke websites are secure. The simple reasons being the codes for the website are under the complete control of the developers. They can alter the same anytime they want. You don’t need third-party plugins or open-source codes for the website. Generally, using third-party plugins can endanger the safety of your website and provoke hackers to hack the same easily. A bespoke website is thus a secured option.

Are you considering getting a website to boost your online presence? Contact nu media group for professional yet functional bespoke website development in Littlehampton. We have a team of efficient website developers who can help you with all types of websites. To know more, check our website.

Nu media Group

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing SEO Services?

The nu media group office in West Sussex provides web design and digital marketing services.

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing SEO Services?

SEO or search engine optimisation is not easy. Though digital marketing has various techniques to promote a business online, SEO is probably the most effective and popular one. Hence, businesses often seek trustworthy SEO services in Surrey to fulfil their digital marketing requirements. However, outsourcing this service from a reliable company will help you with all your SEO needs within your budget.

Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Solutions for Your Business

No matter whether it is a start-up or a well-established organisation, outsourcing SEO-related solutions from a reliable company will always be rewarding for your business. Instead of setting up an in-house team of SEO experts, outsourcing this service is a cost-effective and more strategically correct decision.

Here is how your organisation can benefit from your decision to outsource digital marketing services.

  • Get Access to SEO Talents

Most of the SEO services providing companies have a pool of talent. They have highly qualified and experienced SEO experts. You can easily access their knowledge and experience to solve your SEO issues. You do not need to develop your own SEO strategies or skill. Instead, you can enjoy the skill of some most dedicated and knowledgeable experts in this field to improve your website’s ranking.

  • Saves Your Valuable Time

Being the owner of a business, you have thousands of jobs. Involving SEO planning is a time-consuming venture. Besides, it will demand a lot of concentration. Hence, you may lack time and mental stamina to pay attention to other valuable tasks in your daily operations. Outsourcing this particular service will save you time. You can enjoy flawless SEO solutions without getting directly involved in them. You can easily utilise that extra time for something more important for your business.

  • Outsourcing SEO Saves Money

Outsourcing always works better when it comes to getting a cost-effective solution for your business than having an in-house team for digital marketing. The entire hiring and training process not only consumes time but is a costly way to fulfil your SEO requirements. Instead, you can consider working with an already established team of search engine optimisation experts to get the job done perfectly.

  • Gets More Guaranteed Results

Companies that outsource SEO follow relevant and useful methods of optimisation of websites. Hence, you can enjoy more guaranteed results. They use tools that ensure faster and more desirable results for your organisation according to the current algorithms of search engines. Hence, you can receive quicker results and enjoy s steady growth with the help of their rational SEO methods.

  • Offer Additional Services

Most outsourcing agencies offer various additional services along with their regular SEO plans. This may include website design, development, SMO or PPC. That means you can get different brand promotion and optimisation techniques under one roof.

At Nu Media Group, we offer a comprehensive service of SEO for different types of businesses located in and around Surrey. When you aim to work with a well-established SEO service in Surrey, we are the one you can trust. Our team has highly talented digital marketing specialists. We always offer bespoke services to meet your marketing plans.

Please get in touch with us for more information about our solutions.

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