The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business: Explained

The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business: Explained

The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business: Explained

Picture this: You’ve just started your dream business.

It goes pretty well for the first few months; you’re getting sales here and there in your local area, and your revenues are slowly increasing. 

Until suddenly, they’re not.

There’s nothing quite as demotivating as watching your progress stagnate. 

Unfortunately, traditional word-of-mouth marketing probably isn’t enough to get your business noticed in this day and age. 

It doesn’t look like social media marketing is going anywhere anytime soon. Unfortunately, even the more traditional businesses need an active presence online if they’re hoping to get anywhere. 

Easier said than done, right?

With so many new social platforms emerging and growing in popularity with each passing year, you’re probably wondering where to even start.

The good news is this: You don’t need to be on every platform to succeed on social media. It’s much better if you get one or two right than do all of them half-heartedly.

Think it Through

The bad news is this: You do need to think logically about where you’re going to focus your efforts. 

Don’t panic, though! That’s what this blog is here for. We’ve broken down everything you need to think about before settling on a choice.

Take it Step by Step

First off (and most importantly), you need to think about why you’re using social media. What do you want to gain from it?

Some of the most common reasons businesses use social media are to build brand awareness, boost SEO, connect with customers, and drive sales.

We recommend choosing one or two key goals and focusing on those, at least for a little while.

Your next step is to identify your target audience and create a buyer persona

A buyer persona is a fictional character depicting your target customer, used in marketing to help businesses tailor their services and content to the customers’ needs and desires. 

(If you’d like to learn more about how to create a buyer persona and why they’re so important, stick around for next week’s blog.)

Next, consider what type of content your business lends itself to. If you have a website already, analyse what’s on there. 

Is it more visual or wordy?

Does your team have a strong dynamic that you could showcase through video?

Once you’re clear on those three points, it’s time to get down to business (no pun intended).


An oldie but a goodie. 

Despite declining in popularity slightly over the past few years, Facebook is still undoubtedly an invaluable tool in every marketer’s arsenal.

Facebook is particularly useful for businesses looking to connect with their customers due to its highly accessible communication features. 

Its targeted ad system is also a highly popular and effective method of promotion among countless businesses.

Some companies even create Facebook ‘groups’ for their loyal customer base.

It’s worth noting that Facebook is typically more popular with slightly older internet users, making it a good option for companies with buyer personas in that age bracket.


Instagram is perfect for any company with anything visual to show their audience. 

It’s also pretty diverse. From feed posts and reels to stories, you can share a wide range of content on Instagram. 

Having been designed for mobile devices, Instagram is typically mostly popular with the younger generations (think Gen Z and Millennials). 

The only downside to Instagram is the ever-evolving, ever-elusive algorithm, which has developed a pretty infuriating reputation with marketers over the past few years. Fortunately, it’s nothing a good strategy can’t overcome!


As the new kid on the block, TikTok is the platform you want if you’re aiming to appeal to the teens. 

This is the perfect opportunity to show the human side of your business. Nowadays, people want brands to have personality. That means taking your audience behind the scenes and showing them the faces behind the company.

TikTok is also a pretty uncomplicated platform to gain traction on, its countless trends being easy to take advantage of, no matter your niche. 

One of the biggest benefits of TikTok is that it tends to give content a much longer shelf life than other platforms. Due to the algorithm, it’s not uncommon for videos that initially went unnoticed to blow up in popularity several weeks or months after they were first posted.


Due to its pretty wide userbase, this is a good one for most businesses.

Twitter is the perfect place to build your brand personality through tone of voice. It’s also the ideal opportunity to offer your customers care, support and answers to their enquiries. 

Here to Help

If you’re still lost, there’s no need to suffer in silence. 

We offer bespoke social media packages designed and proven to help you meet your marketing goals and reach your target audience. 

Fill out our form or give us a call on 01243 974490 to inquire about our social media management services. Let us help you conquer the online space!

Your Complete Guide to Non-Visual Rebranding From a Branding Agency in Sussex

non-visual rebranding, branding agency in Sussex

Your Complete Guide to Non-Visual Rebranding From a Branding Agency in Sussex

A lot of people tend to think branding is only about aesthetics. 

A lot of people are wrong.

While there’s much to be said in favour of visual branding (most of which you can find in last week’s blog), it’s not all that makes a company stand out.

Take it from an experienced branding agency in Sussex – before you start thinking about any of the fun, creative elements of your branding, there are several integral things you need to consider.

Unique Selling Point

Not many businesses will get very far without a clearly defined USP driving every aspect of their branding.

There are most likely thousands of businesses in your industry selling very similar products and services to you. Realistically, how do you really expect yours to stand out amongst the sea of competition?

That’s where your USP comes in.

You need to think very carefully about this, as it is what your entire rebranding strategy will revolve around.

Your USP should be a benefit unique to your company, something that encourages people to invest in you over someone else.

Write a short statement that sums up your USP in a compelling, creative way. From this, you can move on to other aspects of your branding, positioning your USP at the forefront wherever possible.

Brand Values

Alongside your USP, your brand values should be the driving force behind everything your company does. 

Brand values are really no different to personal values. They are the beliefs that motivate you to uphold your standards. Your values, mission and vision work together to build a solid business foundation and ultimately help you succeed. After all, how can you measure your success if you have no standards to meet?

Having strong, unique brand values will help you maintain a loyal following, attract new customers and gain an advantage over your competition. 



Once you’ve established your USP and brand values, you can tailor your content to showcase your brand personality.

When creating content, don’t forget to consider your target audience. At the end of the day, your goal is to get them to invest in your services or products, which means you need to make sure they respond positively to what you’re putting out. Different demographics will appreciate different branding strategies.

If you’re aiming to appeal to a younger audience, maybe throw in a few topical memes and pop culture references. Most of what works on social media nowadays revolves around current trends, so make sure to consume enough content to understand how to capitalise on all the latest crazes.

On a similar note, it’s worth researching which social media outlets your target audience uses most frequently. You’ll likely find younger demographics prevalent on newer platforms like TikTok, while older generations are typically more active on Facebook.

Tone of Voice

This is definitely one of the more commonly overlooked elements of branding. 

Now more than ever, people want brands to have a personality. It’s not enough to spew out information and hope for the best; your audience wants to get to know your brand and understand what they’re dealing with to build a foundation of trust and form a relationship with the company itself. 

Your tone of voice is going to play a HUGE role in this. 

Think about it – the advertisements for McDonald’s don’t sound the same as those for Rolls Royce. Every brand has its own feel, designed to showcase its values and USP and cater to its target audience. 

To determine how your brand should sound, consider how you want to be perceived. Think about how your target audience will respond to various messaging tactics. From there, you can start to form a strategy that evokes the best reaction.


Make it Easy For Yourself

If this all sounds like a lot, we’re here for you.

We’ve been doing this for a fair few years and have helped countless brands form strong identities that resonate with their audiences. 

For a sustainable, effective branding strategy that actually works, get in touch with us via this form and set up a consultation. 

You deserve results. Let us help you get them. 


Comprehensive Guide to Visual Rebranding From an Expert Branding Agency in West Sussex

A Comprehensive Guide to Visual Rebranding From an Expert Branding Agency in West Sussex

A Comprehensive Guide to Visual Rebranding From an Expert Branding Agency in West Sussex

So… You’ve decided it’s time for a business makeover. You want to give your brand an innovative refresh, but you’re faced with the inevitable, inexorable question.


Rebranding is undoubtedly an intimidating task. How do you rebrand whilst maintaining your brand recognition? How do you change your business’s personality and values without losing your loyal customer base?

There are certainly a fair few brands that have failed in this regard in the past. Particularly notable rebranding mistakes include the likes of Gap and Weight Watchers. That’s right – even the most prominent names aren’t immune.

One of the biggest keys to a successful rebrand is making sure it’s actually necessary. If you’re wondering whether or not this is the next logical step for your business, check out our last blog to find out when you should reevaluate your branding efforts. 

If you’ve decided it’s time to rebrand visually, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for a comprehensive rebranding guide from an expert branding agency in West Sussex. 

How Far Will You Go?

This is pretty much the first question you need to ask yourself.

Do you want to completely make over your business with a total rebrand? Of course, there’s a lot more at stake when you start from scratch, but it is necessary in some cases.

The more common course of action is a partial rebrand, which involves adjusting your brand identity to better suit your new values, mission or market.

Company Name

If you’re going for a total rebrand, this branding element is going to be at the top of your list of considerations. Of course, it’s always going to be a risky move to change the name of your business, particularly for more established companies, as you could be jeopardising your brand recognition.

However, if your brand name no longer aligns with the services or products you offer, renaming could be a necessary step to starting afresh. Alternatively, if you’re attempting to absolve your brand from a bad reputation, a name change could help give you the distance you were looking for.

Logo and Slogan

Aside from your name, your logo and slogan will likely be the most memorable elements of your brand. 

Think about it.

If you hear: ‘Just Do It’ or ‘Because You’re Worth it’, you instantly think about Nike and Loreal. Similarly, if you see a big yellow ‘M’ on a billboard somewhere, you know instantly what company is being advertised. 

That’s the power of a good logo and slogan.

When it comes to your logo, we always recommend not straying too far from the original. This will help you retain much more of your brand recognition than if you completely switched it up.

As far as your slogan goes, you ideally want it to align with your USP (unique selling proposition). After all, your slogan is essentially a marketing tool to a) encapsulate the essence of your company and b) help you stand out. Coincidentally, that’s also the job of your USP. 

Colour and Typography

Of course, you can’t do much with a logo or a slogan without colours and fonts. 

Typography is an invaluable tool for showcasing your brand’s personality and reaching the targeted audience. Trying to give off a formal impression, targeting a more mature demographic? Maybe opt for a classic serif font like Times New Roman. Or maybe you’re trying to make a statement and project your creative side? In that case, a decorative typeface might do the trick (though we recommend not overusing decorative fonts).

You can’t underestimate the power of colour psychology in your marketing strategy. Consider how you want your audience to feel when thinking about your brand. Think about the impression you want to give. Colour themes are about more than just brand recognition; they are also about personality.

Rebranding Made Easy

If you’re overwhelmed, you won’t be for much longer.

nu media group comprises a dynamic team of branding experts eager to help you in your rebranding endeavours.

We can help you with every element of your visual branding, helping you smash your new market and achieve all your marketing goals.

Get in touch with us via the form on our website to set up a branding consultation. If you’d like a guide to the non-visual elements of rebranding, stick around to read next week’s blog.

Is Your Business in Desperate Need of a Rebrand?

is your business in need of a rebrand

Is Your Business in Desperate Need of a Rebrand?

Rebranding… Seems a bit intimidating, right? It doesn’t have to be.  You might have noticed the shiny new nu media group website, which is just one of the elements of our company we have changed as part of our recent rebranding efforts.  Following our exciting move to an amazing new office, we thought our entire brand was due a makeover to mark a new era of our agency. This has been a huge, collaborative team effort involving plenty of planning, strategy and design.  There’s a misconception that branding is all about aesthetics. While this is certainly a big part of it, a lot of other elements go into building a brand.  We have had to consider all of these, which include logo design, colour theme, typography, tone of voice, social media presence and brand positioning, to name a few.  Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? So, how do you know when your company needs to rebrand?  There are many reasons you may consider reevaluating certain aspects of your business. We’ve compiled a handy list of a select few instances that may (or may not) call for a rebrand. 

Your Product/Service Range is Expanding or Growing

Attempting to break into a new market?

You might find it tricky to do so if your brand itself is stuck in the past.

Upgrading your branding, either partially or fully, could introduce you to a whole new audience by earning a fair bit of attention. You’re likely to rope in a whole new clientele by tailoring your branding to suit your target audience. After all, people want different things. You need to consider the psychology of branding to win over your new intended demographic.

It's Broke, So Fix It

Things not going to plan is an inevitable part of running a business.

Sometimes, the vision you originally had for your brand might not pan out. It might not be enticing the right audience, or perhaps it seems too generic. Alternatively, you may have neglected some essential marketing techniques and are suffering as a result. It’s not uncommon for businesses to overlook things like SEO, web design and social media engagement. 

Sound familiar? It’s never too late to fix it. 

Bear in mind that you don’t necessarily have to completely transform your brand to make a difference. Start by analysing your goals and figuring out a comprehensive plan of how you’re going to achieve them. Rethink the aspects of your business that aren’t working and give them a quick makeover. 

You're Not Standing Out

Chances are, there will be a fair few other companies in your industry targeting the same audience you are. It’s reasonable to assume that some of them are implementing similar branding and marketing strategies.

You never want to be in a situation where people are mixing up your company with someone else’s. Do some research on how you can make your branding better than your competition and make a bold statement when you release it to the world.

After all, your business is unique. It deserves to be recognised as such.

Let Us Do The Hard Work For You

Not sure how to actually go about the rebranding process? No worries. 

The team at nu media group is highly seasoned in the art of branding. We are always thrilled at the prospect of working with new businesses and helping them thrive in the digital space. Email us at today to set up a consultation, where we can start to devise a plan for your success. 

Got more questions? Keep a keen eye on our blog over the coming weeks to read more of our expert branding tips and tricks. In the meantime, feel free to browse through our brand new site to your heart’s content.